Nokia 770 Hacking

The Nokia 770 is a great little computer that can be used for many tasks thanks to the open system philosophy. However I found that the standard package list is missing a few very important pieces of software. Searching both non-official repositories and mailing lists did not yield any simple answers for the following issues:

NFS support

I was not able to find a way to use nfs without upgrading the kernel. It is possible to just compile the required modules and install them in the system.

The modules can be downloaded from:
To install copy all the three modules (nfs, lockd, sunrpc) in the /lib/modules/ directory (you need to be root and create the directory if it does not exists)


The stock 770 cannot connect to dynamic WEP/IEEE802.11x/PEAP networks. These are very common in windows based installations (i.e. the ones where you need to check the "key is provided automatically" in windows)
After several days of searching the web I found that the functionality required to connect to this type of networks is provided by either xsupplicant or wpa_supplicant.
I was not able to get xsupplicant to work on my 770, but wpa-supplicant works pretty well.

The required files can be downloaded from:
To install:
edit the wpa_sup.conf file to suit your network authentication scheme.
copy wpa_supplicant to /usr/sbin
copy wpa_sup.conf to /etc
copy wpa_cli to /usr/bin (optional)
create a new wlan connection using the standard nokia connectivity applet. Select the appropriate SSID, select WEP security and use 00000 as the key.
To use:
open an xterm, becom root and issue the following commad:
/usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant -iwlan0 -c /etc/wpa_sup.conf -B
now use the standard select connection applet and you should be done.

If you'd like to rebuild from sources:
download wpa_supplicant-0.5.5 (other vesion may work, I just never tried) and use the configuration from